zipcast product

"I used to think all fly line dressings were pretty much the same. Then I tried Zipcast. The stuff is fantastic! Other than taking a casting lesson, I know of no other way to immediately add 10 feet to your best cast. Zipcast is the real deal!"

R. L. McGinnis Shelby, NC

The World's Best Fly Line...

Is One That's Been Treated With

ZipCast is the world's finest fly line treatment - there is nothing else even remotely like it!
  • Unique proprietary chemistry - ONLY ZipCast has it!

  • NEVER Gets Sticky Or Gummy.

  • Cleans, Lubricates, and Protects, All In One Pass.

  • All Fly Lines, Even The New "No-Treat" Lines, Benefit From ZipCast.

  • Easy To Apply - No Pre-Cleaning or Buffing Needed
No finer fly line treatment exists. ZipCast is the ultimate product for cleaning, lubricating and protecting your fly line.

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